Something as simple as time..

My dear love janmat.. Do you know.. Im so happy i have you in my life.. I want to spend every moment with you but time is precious and limited.. I am constantly afraid of the day that we will have to be separated.. My heart aches at the thouht of it and i just want to break down into tears.. Its as though we have to reset the clock every 3 months and this 3 months always fly by in the blink of an eye.. I hate this arrangement and i wish so badly that everything will just go smoothly but god is testing us.. Will we be strong enough to survive this test?

Time.. Whoever came up with this definition is an evil genius.. It is something that cannot be bought or controlled.. We all long to be able to slow time down but it is a cruel concept that keeps ticking on without the consideration of anyone, turning actions into regrets with every second.. With you, I am even more consciously aware of how every second spent without you is time wasted.. Dont you understand that i just want to grab every moment that i can spend with you……..

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the night of my off-day when its 1am and you are MIA while i am waiting and having a darn headache:

the night is silent as i lie in bed waiting.. trying hard to sleep but failing to do so.. occasionally the sound of doors being opened can be heard and everytime i hope it is my door that is being opened.. yet it hardly ever is.. why i subject myself to such false hope i hardly know.. to have your hopes disappointed time and again is a terrible feeling but then again, to have hope is what keeps most of us going..

i used to be an independent person, someone who is able to do things alone.. nowadays, me being alone just serves as a sad reminder of how little time we spend together and this is only my third week at work.. the fact is that the situation is not going to change, not at least for another 18months, but i still desperately hope that it will..

things can be so difficult at times and the future feels so uncertain.. all i know is that we cant go on like that, me working in the day and you at night.. what will happen to our relationship? how are we going to build a relationship based on seeing each other for 15mins a day?

argh.. im having a bad headache while writing this.. must be from the blood loss of my period.. and all this emo talk is likely a result of my period hormones too.. but in my defence, it is officially 1am and you are not home and you have not even msgd me or whatever.. helloooo????? do you remember you have a wife???? and you blame me for being moody.. pleaseeeee.. think again..

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Happy valentine day.

Dear wife,
  Love u so so much n missing u dear..just wanted to wish u in this valentine day.Thanks for coming in my life n making it complete.I am very happy with u my beautiful wife.Thanks for everything n ur support.Hope this year will bring us good..I will always stay by ur side forever n ever.

Love u always

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Happiness in life..

Famous quote by Alfred D Souza..

For a long time it seemed to me that life was about to begin — real life.
But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first,
some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid.
At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life.
This perspective has helped me to see there is no way to happiness.
Happiness is the way.
So treasure every moment you have and remember that time waits for no one.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.
Dance as though no one’s watching you,
Sing as though no one can hear you,
Work as though you don’t need money,
Love as though you’ve never been hurt before,
Live as though heaven is on earth.

Love you dear.. and don’t worry.. i’m not going anywhere too..

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A very sweet love story..

Dear.. saw this on yahoo news.. go see.. its so so sweet.. can we be like that too?

Love you..

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Distance n time plus my journey…

Mumbai landing n was thinking it might gonna be a good day in India.Everything looked okay in the airport.Got hotel booking at a good reasonable price.When i reached the hotel,it was not as good as i expected the way it looked in the pic.Anyway got to room n the room got the kinda indi smell,,offff i open the window n thought the smell will go off but it didnt.Had to bear that smell until i was there.Now comes the food part,i am always excited about the food.Feeling hungry  n went the to the restaurant linked to hotel.Looked at the menu n i knew what to eat but i tried to ask the waiter what would u recommend.He gave all the choices of the food i didnt like but anyway i stick to one of his dish.I have learnt a lot about food industry in Singapore.I feel i know more.I expect more.The standard is not there.The food comes n its dissapointing the way they serve.I prayed n started my meal.I am  not indian but i think i could do better than what they r cooking there.Feel like comeee onnn man,,,,,i love indian food i cannot deny n u guys give me this.Such a waste.Half way i gave up.I called the waiter n told that i am done.He looked at me n was wondering..haha..

 Travelling everybody like,i think so.I was thinking wish my mrs malla was with me than we could experience the good n bad journey tgt..Any way i was thinking about u all the time.Missing u all the time n thinking my life is so lost without u.Was thinking to plan my trip on the next day.But it was not worthy frm India.I better go frm Nepal,more convienent plus cheap.I just wanted to get out frm India.May be i was not in the right place of mumbai to experience good things.Its really not so convinent.Wanted to get taxi also,they dont want to stop.As i booked my flight ticket to lucknow,I was thinking,i might have not good time in lucknow but luckly i got everything smooth.Got train its messy.Dear living in Singapore is really so so different frm here.I wished everywhere in the world would have a good place like Singapore.Wished every people had better enviornment.Better life……????Dont know..Just neat n clean enviornment..

  Finally am happy to reach my home n call u.I feel safe too hahhaa…Some indians are scary..But mumbai people were friendly n nice..Only some part of India pple not good.I think everywhere is the same.Even in Nepal too.Not everywhere pple r nice.Never mind i am home n i am safe.I just feel sad when i see pple living in a dificult way.Just wonder y ???Wish everyone would had a better home n better living.

   How many days since i left Singapore???Hmmmm just 5 days gone..n i am feeling boareddddd my luv…Plus this flu makes me more uncomfortable..Any way i am taking medicine n feel much more better tdy..Thinking how i am going to pass these long days without u here my dear..Hmmm wish the days can pass by like the blink of eyes.The day would finally come to fly into my beautiful wife arms.Its not easy here without u my luv.Try to stay patient my luv.I always have hope n faith.These days will pass soon my dear.We will overcome through every obstacle.I just need u stay with me.With u i am complete n i am confident about our future.Beleive in our luv.

  I am going to home now dear.I will continue soon..Thanks for everything my luv..Happy that i am being loved.

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happy that you’re home..

My love.. finally you are home.. so happy to hear your voice when you call me.. since ytd, i’m just waiting for your call that’s all..

Dear.. i miss you so much.. everytime i write here and think of us, i can’t help but cry.. dunno why also.. and i bring the photo that si ying printed for us everywhere.. i like this one here the most..

I hold this photo to sleep everytime.. cause it looks like you’re reaching out your hands to hug me.. babyyy.. i’m missing you so badly.. i’m thinking about you always and i just miss you so much dear.. wish that this time apart from each other will pass quickly but its passing so slow.. maybe its good that i work and make myself tired, so that i won’t be crying all the time..

My husband.. you also miss me too okay.. and remember that i love you so much.. you already made me fall so madly in love with you that you have become my everything.. love you, my love.. forever and always..

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